How to Catch Even the Best Fake ID

There are different professionals who need to make sure they are capable of checking IDs and managing to catch the ones that are fake. This is very important for people who are working as bouncers or bartenders in clubs and bars, as well as cashiers at different supermarkets and other local stores where alcohol and tobacco are being sold. All of the illegal products that underage people should not be able to buy or purchase could be given when a fake ID passes the test of the person whose job is to make sure fake IDs are being caught. Therefore, if your job requires it and you want to expert the methods of how to catch even the best fake ID, then here are some important steps to follow that will certainly bring the results you are looking for.

The first step is to examine the card which is very important even for the best fake ID that you have seen. No matter how real it looks to you, there is always the possibility of it being a fake one. You need to feel the edges of the fake ID. If the edges are smooth and uniform, then it is most probably a valid one. However, if they are rough, as well as even coming apart, then you are looking at a fake ID that is not even of great quality. The foils and the holograms should also be carefully checked. This can be done by a check under the light where the special signs should be flashing all the time in and out of your vision. If these signs stay permanently, then it is not a valid ID. Using a magnifying glass when you are examining the micro print of the ID is also one more step in determining if the ID is valid. If you have a device, it is recommended that you scan the ID which will help you determine it easier. There are also applications for mobile phones that have the necessary hardware in order to do that scanning.

Another step that is also important even when you are checking the best Fake ID possible is to study the cardholder. This is where most of the people are failing. Even if they have bought the best fake ID, if they are incapable of acting normal and if they are nervous, it is very easy to tell the difference and start doubting whether this ID you are checking is a valid one. Paying attention to the small movements of the body and the face of the cardholder is very important and you should carefully check the photo on the ID with the person who is standing in front of you. If it is one of the best fake ID cards then there will be no difference to notice but it is still worth the check.

These are some of the important things that you can do in order to do a great fake ID check on your customers.

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