Real Versus Fake Branded Perfumes, How to Tell the Difference?

Are you thinking about purchasing a new perfume as an addition to your collection? Do you want to comprar carolina herrera online / buy carolina herrera online but you don’t know which one is really branded and fake online? If you are, how can you ensure that the perfume you purchased is authentic or real?

To help you out, we have provided some tips on how you can identify real from fake branded perfumes:

  1. Start by checking the wrapping

You can tell if the perfume is real just by observing its wrap once it’s delivered. An authentic perfume typically has cellophane which is thicker and is flawlessly folded so that it can tightly hold the box. Once the box of perfume is improperly wrapped by cellophane, it is a clear sign that the perfume is a counterfeit.

  1. Check the flawlessness of the seams

If the perfume delivered to you is sealed in an attractive way wherein the seam is more than 5mm wide, uneven and has glue on it. The perfume you are currently holding is not authentic. A genuine perfume always has flawless seams.

  1. The paper box used for the perfume

Real or authentic perfumes are always delivered with a high-quality paperboard which is designed to protect the battle for any sorts of damage. If you check the box, you can see that there is a special construction that will hold the perfume in place. As additional information, authentic perfumes is a white colored paper box and not grayish.

  1. Be mindful with regards to the labels and inscriptions

Check the bottom part of the box and look at the gold circle. Real perfumes with arrows pointing to the right are always darker than the arrow that points to the left. Aside from that, as you buy a perfume, you should not think twice about checking the manufacturer’s website to see whether the information stated in the box and the website match.

  1. The design of the perfume

If you visited the mall and look through the shelves, you can encounter perfumes that appear similar to the smell and looks of designer perfumes. This trick has been used by many manufacturers to protect themselves from the so-called litigation. You might be a victim of this online and in the reality, the best thing you can do is to inspect the bottle of perfume before purchasing it.

  1. The actual color of the perfume.

Real and designer perfumes do not really use a lot of dye in their products. So you can say that an authentic perfume really looks pale while the fake ones are made with striking colors. If you encounter such perfume, you should think twice and check the brand’s website for clarification.

  1. The bottle’s cap.

If you make an observation, the cap of the real branded perfume is perfectly symmetrical. If by any chance that the perfume you purchase has an uneven design, it is a clear sign that the perfume is fake.

  1. The perfume bottles serial number.

A real branded perfume’s serial number is indicated on the bottom of the bottle and is encrypted and not glued. Aside from that, the serial number on the bottle should match the number located on the bottom of the box.

Now that you are aware of the following, you can now buy a real perfume. Happy shopping!

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