Gear Up for Your Photography Hobby

What is it that you consider your hobby? Do you know that amongst the different kinds of hobby, photography is considered as one of the most expensive? Why? This is due to the fact that you need to buy a lot of stuff as you practice it.

If you are going to start this hobby you should prepare your budget because you have to buy the necessary accesorios camara fotos (camera accessories) but, it does not mean that you should buy everything right away. In fact, you can only buy the accessories that are essential for the type of your photography.

What are the essential accessories? Identified below are the 7 essential gears for your photography hobby:

Gear #1 A Tripod

Tripod is considered as one of the most important accesorios camara fotos because you can use it if you are thinking about a landscape, portrait, street, or even for a wedding photography. You are going to need the service of the tripod at some point of your photography practice.

This gear is extremely helpful for low light settings because it has the ability to take longer exposure shots without any blur. This kind of stability is very crucial for certain things like a night sky photographs and for a proper selfies shot.

Gear #2 A Remote Shutter Release

This is essential in two ways: first, it allows you to take a shot without physically touching the camera’s body and second, it is used in conjunction with a tripod. Aside from that, you should know that remote shutter release has two kinds which are wired and wireless, the choice is yours.

Gear #3 A 50 mm Prime Lenses

As you continue to practice your photography skills you’ll have to use different lens types that will allow you to take all the great shots but amongst all the kinds of lens, the 50mm prime lens is considered as the most fundamental accesorios camara fotos. For your information, this lens does not zoom but it is the best option if you want to replicate how humans see an object through their eyes.

Gear #4 External Flash or Speed Light

As a photographer, you’ll need a flash at some point even if you are not taking shots in the dark. There is a lot of reason to use flash in photographer and remember a photographer without flash is a gimped.

Gear #5 AA Battery + Charger

As you started to use external flash units in your photography, you’ll go crazy over those batteries. This is the reason on why you need to invest on rechargeable batteries from the moment that you recognize that you’ll take photography seriously.

Gear #6 Memory Cards

When it comes to photography it is advised to use a smaller SD card than the single big SD cards.  By doing so, you will no longer have to worry once your card gets corrupted because you still have other cards to use.

Gear #7 A Cleaning Kit

The gears being used in photography is quite expensive. You cannot allow dirt and dust to infect your equipment that can cause permanent damages. Having a cleaning kit ready can prevent ruined photos due to dirty sensors and lenses.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy yourself the following gears because these accesorios camara fotos are the ones that you’ll need the most.

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