Get These Classic Razors for a Traditional Wet Shave and a Gentlemanly Look

The razor is one the handiest tools to keep neat appearance but one needs to know that there are different kinds of razors that require different method of use to deliver different results. A razor is a tool that is used for shaving facial or skin hairs. Two of the most popular types are the straight razor and the safety razor.

The main difference is that the straight razor is made of one long, straight blade attached to a handle and pivots in and out while the safety razor has a short blade affixed to the top of a longer handle which is held while shaving. The straight razor was invented first before the safety razor.

When it comes to the method of use, the straight razor needs a little more adaptation compared to the safety razor. Both are considered maquinillas de afeitar clasicas since shaving is done with face lathered with shaving cream. Just as the name suggests, a safety razor is much safer to use, while shaving with a straight razor needs a lot of expertise to avoid any risk of cutting the face.

Other tools required are a shaving brush, and shaving soap or cream although, with a straight razor, a hone and a strop are required. Whichever type of razor is chosen, both are classy option of shaving the face and with some practice and technique, one can have a clean and close shave look of a true gentleman

Men who prefer the clean shaven look have opted to the traditional way of doing the morning routine of not just showering or bathing, brushing the teeth before getting dressed, but had added to the shaving routine. The ongoing fight against facial hair can be depressing since everyday facial hair comes back unwaveringly that it leaves one bruised and battered and left with irritations such as ingrown hairs, razor burn, and occasional cuts.

The use of razors with increasing number of blades was thought to be the answer for this problem but there seems to be no appreciable difference in the shave quality. Since the multi-bladed cartridge razors hadn’t done their job well, it’s now time to go back to the use of the traditional double edge safety razors or classic razors and the old traditional shaving. The cartridge razors were designed for convenience when removing stubble as fast as possible but quality got lost along the way.

When doing a traditional wet shave, it involves keeping the face sufficiently lathered or lubricated throughout the shaving process to minimize any potential irritation. One needs a classic double-edge safety razor, a shaving brush, and a shaving cream/soap. The shaving cream/soap creates a stable lather and provides moisturizing properties to the skin. The shaving brush is used to whip the cream/soap to the desired consistency to make it slick and easy for the razor to glide over.

Plastic cartridge razors look cheap and nasty while a classic safety razor makes one feel like a sophisticated gentleman. The clothes make the man while grooming makes the gentleman. The best online store offers a wide range of all the necessary tools to enjoy a traditional wet shave including classic razors, shaving brush, and shaving creams/soaps.

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