How to Spot the Best Leather Bag that will Accompany You for Years?

Shopping for a bag can be a very crucial moment for both men and women. Though there are tons of bags that can be found online and in brick and mortar stores, it is hard to find a bag that will cater for all your needs, as well as to your taste and preferences.

If you are looking for bolsos de piel online (leather bags online), it can be more confusing because you can be tricked by leather bags that are made with cheap and low-quality craftsmanship. Not to mention all the hardware that ends up breaking after one to two seasons. To help you know and separate the high quality and well-made bolsos de piel online from overpriced crap leather bags, what you need is a little help from experts like us.

Real vs. fake

If there is a single question about leather that tops the charts of questions that would be “Is is real or fake?” If you already doubted its quality the first time you saw it, you can move forward and look for another one. Leather bags are made with natural products. Nothing will ever be used as a replacement of leather bags that will qualify to its level of endurance or quality.

As much as possible, look for full grain bolsos de piel online. This means that the used leather material was never coated or altered, so you will be able to see its original markings. These markings include the original scars of the animal and are usually stamped as fill grain leather. Be careful with leather bags that are stamped with genuine leather instead of full grain. These fake leather bags are deceptive and only made with leather splits from the backside of the animal skins.

The quality

Two factors that determine that price of a real leather bag are its hide selection and its tanning process:

  • Hide selection – this refers to the leather materials’ cleanliness when it comes to the hidden natural marks of the animal skins. Leathers are priced depending on their grades. The hide selection and grade fully depend on the overall health condition of the leather material.
  • Tanning process – this refers to the processes that where the animal skins passed through. This process produces the leather from the animal skin. From the raw animal skin, the tanning process will make it more susceptible to disintegrations and durable. The term “tanning process” came from the acidic chemical compound which is the primary ingredient in the tanning process It came from the bark of fir or oak trees.

Basically, you can determine a high-quality leather bag by touching it. Naturally, its supple touch should attract and appeal to you.

When it comes to the lining of leather bags, make sure that it is made from durable materials. Well-made linings can guarantee that you will be able to use it for years based on its craftsmanship. Don’t forget to check the zippers and its entire hardware as well. If you want to get an affordable and high-quality bolsos de piel online, head to now!

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