Send First Communion Reminders and Invitations Online to Save Money and Time

A child’s First Communion is a special and once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Thus, it’s worth sending First Communion Invitations and Communion announcements that should match the occasion and the feeling. Perla, Papel y Tijera First Communion stationery speaks volumes from elegant and traditional designs to fun and personal photos.

Start gathering the family together in celebrating the child in joining an even bigger family which is the congregation. Invite all the loved ones and the child’s godparents to join by using recordatorios primera comunion online (first communion reminders).

Everyone had celebrated when the church welcomed the child through baptism and it’s now time to celebrate the child’s entry into the religious life besides showing up on Sunday school. The child had been busy with catechism lessons; it’s now time to give the little one a head start for the ceremony using First Holy Communion invitations that had been customized to be as lovely and beautiful as their christening gown.

Perla, Papel y Tijera have a catalog featuring a wide range of designs that will be perfect for the occasion including spring flowers, elegant and simple typographical designs and traditional religious symbols. Whatever motif and design are chosen, the invitation will have a beautiful and nostalgic effect in beginning the child’s next step into adulthood.

The store’s online design tool will be handy in customizing invitations, using the different backdrop of colors besides the traditional whites, blues, and pinks and also personalize important details. Choosing a photo invitation will allow one to incorporate pictures taken during infancy or the current one of the new parishioner.

Once the design had been finalized, ensure that everyone is accounted for especially the family members and send the online invitations through email. These online invitations will serve as a memento of the occasion. For relatives who don’t have internet inclination, beside mementos like rosary, armband or candles, sending an invitation on paper is another option. Perla, Papel y Tijera has stocks as well to accommodate this option.

The child’s First Communion marks the beginning of other social responsibilities like sending thank you notes. Introducing the child in the virtue of giving handwritten notes using personal stationery will ensure that the child will be a better person within the congregation and the community.

Invite family and friends to attend and celebrate the kid’s first major religious rite of passage with the customary First Communion invitations from Perla, Papel y Tijera. The online store has the tools and personalization options to create the invitations, it’s still the images and photos that give each First Communion invitation the kind of look that will be loved and treasured for years to come.

Whether planning for a First Communion occasion for a son or daughter, the design options had the ability to allow the creation of invitations that are designed to convey the message and meaning that one wanted to share with loved ones and close friends.

Save money and time when shopping for personalized photo gifts, using the customized photo products and services. For anyone who’s planning a party, a celebration, an event or any occasion, upload photos and use the enhancement options to create invitations and other items that are needed in as little time as possible. Send an email to for specialized orders and delivery will be 48 hours after the final approval of the design.

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