The Edge of Sony Xperia Series in Your Business

Are you looking for a handy smartphone device? Whether you aim to use it as a personal device or for business purposes, having a handy phone within your reach all the time is very important. Typically, small to medium sized businesses have two types of schemes on using gadgets for work purposes.

It is either a CYOD which is short for Choose Your Own Device or BYOD which is short for Bring Your Own Device. But either of the two, you have to make up your mind carefully after considering all of its pros and cons for your business. So to help you decide, here are some of the edges that you can enjoy from using Sony Xperia devices:

  • Dust-proof and water-proof devices

Whether you are planning to Xperia Z5 comprar (buy Xperia Z5) or other Xperia series, they all have these two amazing features that other smartphones find hard to beat. For business purposes, it is vital that you have a durable device that can keep you updated on your business contacts or progress. It should be able to allow you to manage your business even if you are anywhere around the world. Rain or shine, a durable and convenient device should withstand water and dust elements.

  • Great security

Your business security is a must-watch aspect when it comes to storing or sharing business-related data through your smartphone. If you Xperia Z5 comprar (buy Xperia Z5) or other Sony smartphones, you can enjoy its over-the-air encryption and up to 256-bit AES encryption. Set passwords and PINs to defend your business data together with the remote-wipe solutions in case your device was stolen or lost.

  • Suite business apps

Having an access to the latest business apps that can be compiled into a compact suite is one of the best things that put an edge on Sony smartphone devices. This suite of business apps doesn’t only encourage productivity, but also efficiency.

  • Accessible accessories

With all your workloads, using different smartphone accessories can be really handy especially if you have to make a lot of reports, conference calls, and so much more. Sony Xperia devices can connect wirelessly with different accessories like wireless keyboards, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and battery packs to keep you productive anywhere, anytime.

  • Longer battery lifespan

No matter how great your smartphone’s features are, it can be frustrating if its battery life span can only last for an hour or two while using Wi-Fi or GPS. So if you Xperia Z5 comprar, Xperia Z3 or Xperia Z3 Compact, you can enjoy managing your business and using your phone’s apps for up to 2 days without charging. Accomplish all your calls and be at ease that you can leave for office and get back home with a reliable battery life span at your palm.

Last but not the least, the high-quality camera solutions of Sony Xperia devices is certainly the best. Imagine using up to 20.7MP Sony cameras that were built into smartphones to capture your business’ progress, successful projects, and monitor your workforce. What can you say? Xperia Z5 comprar now at and try in on your business to prove its efficiency!

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