Chinese Hackers are Getting Out of Control in India Shores

Normally, hearing about hackers and internet scammers was already normal in the cyber world. People all over the world are already aware of them even with their eyes closed. But one thing is for sure when it comes to hackers. They are not the kind of people you would want to mess with.

Hackers can be classified depending on the type of platform they prefer to attack, and the type of information they are aiming for. There are hackers that average hackers who just want to pester people in social media sites by stealing their identity and posting nonsense things, there are those who hack government and NGO organizations to steal money, and then there are those creepy hackers that get around all types of heavy barrier to steal sensitive information that can affect the entire country.

If you know someone who can do all or some of these things, I would watch my walls if I were you. You wouldn’t know when they are going to attack, from what direction, and what you are going to lose in the end. In a more serious scope, these hackers are the main reason why Indian shores are now working extra careful.

As a matter of fact, the biggest infrastructure company in India has just discovered that their IT systems and company were in trouble. Their systems were compromised all because of those hackers who have been enjoying an access to their most sensitive information for quite some time already before they were noticed.

There were no complaints yet from the Indian company but the experts have already come to a primary conclusion that what they discovered was only the tip of the iceberg. Other Indian companies and government institutions have also noticed the cyber attacks from one country and that’s non-other than China. The industry trackers have discovered that the cyber attacks on their shores have highly increased which is really alarming.

This is one of the main reasons why HighProxies, the most reliable provider of buy cheap VPN keeps on improving their services. More and more hackers from different parts of the globe are causing havoc in different degrees. Hackers are using proxy servers that are hard to trace. But compared with the usual manners of hackers, the Chinese hackers were only focused on exploiting sensitive information from Indian IT systems.

For now, they were only “observing” but it doesn’t mean that Indian companies will relax and wait for an attack. In this case, HighProxies is ready to help especially when it comes to elite private proxies.

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