Ideal Hair Ties for Your Dazzling Curls

Are you proud of your natural curls? For some having that kind of hair is a curse they have to live up to. Unlike women with straight hair that has no problems when it comes to styling, curly women have to endure the fact that they can only do minimal style on their hair.

That’s not all! They are times that your curly hair can get out of control to the extent that you have to cover your hair with something just to manage its look. The most common types of styles applied by curly women on their hair are the bun and the ponytail. These lazos para el pelo (hair ties) keep their hair pulled back and away from their faces.

As lazos para el pelo (hair ties) help you to control your unmanageable curls, you should know that as you buy lazos para el pelo (hair ties), make sure that it will not tug or even pull your hair because it can cause hair breakage. Yap, do you want to suffer the faith of having curls and hair breakage? I guess not.

To help you choose your next low-maintenance hairstyle, we have gathered some of the most popular kind of lazos para el pelo (hair ties) used by many women with the same hair type.

Krrriinggg!! The Telephone Wire Ties

This kind of hair tie is made without elastic but can create tension just by wrapping it repeatedly around the section your the hair. As it offers less hold unlike an elastic band, it is not capable of tugging your hair from the roots as you wear it and it’s very easy to be removed. To preserve your natural curls, use a twist tie at night to pineapple for your natural hair pattern.

Soft Cotton-Wrapped Elastics

This is the most commonly used type of lazos para el pelo (hair ties). It is an elastic band that is wrapped in cotton. Unlike other lazos para el pelo (hair ties), it offers a great hold without tugging your hair as your remove them. The best thing about this hair tie is that it’s available in a wide variety of colors. It’s very affordable and can be found in most drugstores.

Attention Grabbing Scrunches

This lazos para el pelo (hair ties) is an oversized hair tie and is a throwback from the previous decades. To define, a scrunchy is a large fabric hair tie with an elastic core. You can use them to create loose holds without damaging your hair especially when you are sleeping or exercising. Like anything else, scrunches also evolve. Now, their bands include fashionable braided and with thinner options.

Bungee Jumping Bungee Bands

You might find this hair tie scary at first but, it is actually a popular choice for the reason that its elastic bands open up with hooks attached to each end. Maybe you think that it’s more damaging to the hair and harder to use, you are wrong about that. It’s actually a lot safer than the traditional elastic hair ties.

With the list of hair ties used by many curly women today, it won’t be hard for you to choose one that could manage and sustain your natural curls.


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