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Human had travelled on foot, and started to use animals, such as donkeys, horses and camels to travel from one place to another during the early times. When the wheel was invented in Iraq using wood and a canoe-like structure served as water transportation, Egyptians invented the sailing boat. Then, Romans built roads across Europe using their chariots drawn by horses. Other modes of transportation were invented during the 17th and 18th century such as bicycles, motor cars, trains, airplanes, trucks, and trams.

The simplest mode of transportation invented was the bicycle which is human-powered, pedal-driven, with two wheels attached to a frame, and a single-track vehicle. It was introduced around the late 19th century in Europe and around the 21st century there are over a billion bicycles manufactured.

There are several types of bicycles or bikes depending on their function, number of riders, general construction, gearing or means of propulsion. The most common types are utility, mountain, touring, hybrid, cruiser, racing, and BMX bikes. There are less common types such as low riders, tandems, tall bikes, folding models, amphibious bikes, cargo bikes, fixed gear, recumbent and electric bikes.

Bicycles are used in many ways, such as in utilization way for transportation, utility cycling and bicycle commuting. It serves as a work horse for mail carriers, police, messengers’ paramedics and delivery services. The military used bikes as part of the infantry, for communications, troop movement, reconnaissance, provisions supply and partrol.

Bicycles are now used more for recreation, entertainment and fitness. Many fitness buffs uses mountain bikes, while BMX bikes are use for competitions and other bicycles are fit to be used in track racing and in multi-stage professional events such as Tour de France.

Mountain biking is a sport where bicycles are ridden off-road and over rough terrain using specially designed mountain bikes. Although a mountain bike is similar to other bicycle types, innovations had been incorporated to enhance durability and ability to perform in rough terrain.

The sport is categorized into cross country, all mountains (Enduro), trail riding, dirt jumping, free ride and downhill and requires core strength and balance, endurance, self-reliance and bike handling skills. Since mountain bikers ride through single-track, or back-country or fire roads, they need to be self-reliant, learn to repair broken bikes and flat tires in order to be back to civilization; otherwise they will be stranded before rescue arrives.

Although mountain biking is a strenuous sports, more men and even women prefer to use mountain bikes for fitness. Mountains bikes are easier to maneuver in steep incline and descent, with the mechanical adjustments fitted in them for this type of activity. Mountain bikes are available in many physical stores and you can comprar bicicleta de montaña online (buy mountain bike online) at

Many mountain bike riders’ use backpacks filled with water, food, tools for repair and first aid kits, and you can pack all the necessary accessories, components and equipment are available at This online bike store is currently offering discounts on products, so order now at



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