The Most Accomplished Coconut Creek Landscaping Company on Sod Services

Typically, most customers who just bought a home want to have their lawn landscaped to boost the aesthetic value of their property and enjoy the outdoors. They are always in a hurry to occupy their home to settle immediately within the new neighborhood. Once the house is built, the furniture installed and the only remaining finishing touch is the lawn, homeowners would generally commission a landscaping company to accomplish this and one of the most sought Coconut Creek landscaping company to look for is ET Landscaping.

It is ET Landscaping’s pleasure to provide their service and seed their client’s lawn though it may take more time to accomplish. But since there’s always an option, they can do sod services which can give a finish look to any lawn in no time. Sodding is more expensive option for establishing lawns but if installed and maintained correctly, it can become more stable faster compared to the seeding option.

ET Landscaping can lay sod in any season, although they do not highly recommend it during summer because sod needs more water when laid during this time. ET Landscaping is an expert in sod services aside from their notable services in lawn maintenance, tree removal, and tree trimming among others. Their team always follows all necessary process when doing their job.

The first step is to calculate the area of the lawn and add a certain percentage to take care of errors or cut the sod edges. Sods are normally in form of pallets with 450 to 500 square feet large rolls that need specialized equipment. The type of sod to purchase depends on cool or warm season varieties and tolerance for heavy traffic or shade.

Prepare first the site where the sod would be laid by testing the soil’s ph range, the sods’ needed macro nutrients, and eliminating weeds by using a non-selective herbicide such as glyphosate. This is vital since freshly-cut sods don’t have a long shelf life. Pre-installation needed a lot of work to accomplish. Clear debris like wood, concrete, and others and grading the soil with a slope away from the home to avoid drainage issues, Use nutrient-rich compost for suitable topsoil, letting it settle for a week before final grading and moisten the soil by watering it to ensure the growth of sod roots.

Sod must be installed within 24 hours after harvest, and installation should start from the bottom going to the top, and watered lightly after installation to prevent from drying. When the installation is complete check for any irregularities, verify if the sod and the soil are in contact, water daily to ensure sod has become well rooted which can take about 10 days after installation.

Take note that installed sod during summer or dry season needs frequent watering and people should keep off the grass for 3 to 4 weeks. This would allow time for anchoring the roots and while mowing more often to avoid scalping the grass.


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