Why Landscaping Boca Raton Aims to Maintain the Spanish and Mediterranean-Style Designs

Boca Raton or popularly known as Boca is one of the interesting and lovely towns in the coastal area of South Florida. Boca has a flat area and surrounded by water but is considered one of the wealthiest cities in the US. Boca Raton is a Spanish name, meaning rat’s mouth and was originally settled by Tequesta Indians until the area was colonized by Spain and was later developed after explorations done by Henry Flager.

Boca still leans heavily on Spanish and Mediterranean-style architecture. The city had implemented strict regulations in terms of building and zoning and commercial developments are mostly located within the city limits to avoid detracting the beauty of the area. These strict regulations for landscaping in Boca Raton had led to beautiful aesthetics in the area and helped to preserve the history and authentic character of the city.

Although curb appeal affects the outside of a home, landscaping companies still had to follow the strict guidance when implementing Florida-Friendly landscaping requirements. The FFL has nine principles that will help a landscaping design in reaching its goal:

  • In order to achieve a healthy and low-maintenance home landscape, the right plants should be planted in the right place by selecting the plants that can match the soil, water, light and climatic conditions.
  • By choosing the right plants for the right place can conserve water, by grouping plants with similar water needs and installing irrigation system appropriately.
  • Fertilize appropriately to avoid chemical leaching to waterways.
  • In order to retain soil’s moisture, inhibit weed growth, and protect plants, apply mulch.
  • Select plants and trees that bear fruits, got seeds, flowers, verdant foliage, and berries to attract wildlife such as butterflies, birds, and others.
  • Manage yard pests responsibly by minimizing the use of pesticides.
  • Recycle yard waste and add this nutrient-rich mixture to the soil
  • Install permeable walkways, patios or driveways made of bricks, earth, crushed shells or gravel to reduce storm water runoff
  • Install a 10-foot maintenance free zone to protect waterfront and waterways.

These 9 principles had been the basis of ET Landscaping for offering services in Boca Raton such as landscaping, tree trimming, lawn maintenance, tree removal, fertilizing, stump grinding, sod installation/maintenance, sprinkler repair, and other yard or lawn services. ET Landscaping is providing an innovative approach in order to create a colorful, attractive and diverse yard, which is friendly to wildlife and offers much less work than the traditional yards of yesteryears.

For Boca Raton landscaping services, contact ET Landscaping through their website!

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