4 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Bike for You

Are you planning to buy a bike? It may seem simple to choose the right bike for you but, in fact, it is not easy at all. There are different types of bike for different types for different types of needs. The most common types of bikes are mountain, city or commuter bikes and hybrid. It is best to identify its different types of the bike before you decide on which among it, you will choose to buy. There are many cycle shop online that offers different types of bikes that you can choose from. Here are some of the factors you need to consider in bike buying.

  • Have a budget that is more than just for a bike

It is always the best idea to decide on how much money you are willing to invest in your cycling goals even before you start shopping. Having a budget that is not just for a bike will give you enough money to pay for your accessories and other stuff. Allocating at least two-thirds of your budget for your bike is enough as you can still have enough money to pay for a helmet, water bottle and other things for your bike.

  • Prioritize the fit

No matter how good your bike is and how advanced it may be, if it does not fit you it will only be miserable for you to use. Find a salesperson that will help you find the right size of bike for you. There are at least four adjustments that needed to be done for you to have the size and fit for you: saddle position, seat height, handlebar height, and reach. It is better to find a shop that has certified fitter that will take your precise measurements, swap parts if needed and set you up on multiple bikes. This may cost you extra, but the right fit is important especially if you want to enjoy your biking experience.

  • Always test all the models

There is nothing wrong with testing all the bikes that are there in the store. It is to determine the right size for you and to have the experience that will help you decide on which you feel is right for you. Though there is no security that once you tried the bike will greatly help you in choosing the bike for you, knowing which feels right might have an effect on your decision.

  • Narrow your search

This is important to help you easily find the bike that you want. By simply choosing three models that are within your budget and intended use, you will be able to narrow down your choices. Always makes sure that you take the bike for a test drive for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Asking the fitter to adjust the bike on your right size it also needed as you might miss the perfect bike for you just because you are having difficulty in reaching the handlebar or fumbling to the type of shifter that you are not used in using.

Ten Do- It- Yourself Projects That You Can Do With Fabrics

Fabrics are versatile material. It can be used to make random projects that you can share to your friends, loved ones, and family members. If you’re not a professional tailor, you can still use a fabric as the primary medium in making different items. Just like what I have mentioned, the fabric is very versatile. So, if you want to jumpstart a project using a fabric, here is a compilation of quick and easy- to- do projects that you can do even without a sewing machine. These do- it- yourself (DIY) projects are meant for beginners and professionals as well.

  1. Laptop Sleeve- keeping your precious gadget or device such as the laptop must be kept in a safe and reliable sleeve. A laptop sleeve is a safe place for your laptop. You can make one by using a piece of fabric and measure it depending on the size of your device. Instead of sewing the sides, punch holes using a fabric puncher and insert the yarn or strings.
  2. Hair Bow- hair bow is an essential accessory. To be honest, it is a must- have for every girl. In making your own hair bow, cut a rectangular piece of material that you purchased from a tienda telas online. Scrunch the fabric in the middle part and wrap with a smaller piece of fabric.
  3. Utensil Holder- in this project, you can use a burlap material to give it a traditional and farm- like appearance. Fold the burlap material and glue the sides. You can add a ribbon or buttons to spice up the utensil holder.
  4. Tassel Garland- do you need a last minute party decoration? Fret no more! You can make a tassel garland out of scrap fabrics and even old clothes. Cut multiple strips of fabric depending on how long your garland should be. Get a piece of string and tie the fabric strips along.
  5. Window Curtain- instead of purchasing expensive curtains in the mall, you can make one at the comforts of your own home. Start by measuring the size of the window and cut the fabric accordingly. Fold and stitch the sides of the fabric. Next, make a fold in the upper part of the fabric. Make sure that the curtain rod will fit in the fold.
  6. Dog Bed- if you have a bunch of scrap fabrics; why not treat your best friend with a bed? Cut the scrap fabric into smaller pieces or strip. Prepare a larger piece of fabric and stitch or glue in the sides. Stuff it in with the smaller pieces or strip of fabric until you reach the desired size and fluffiness.
  7. Play tents or teepee- tents and teepees are the best gifts you can give to your kids. You can make a tent or a teepee using the materials you got from the tienda telas online.
  8. Framed Wall Art- wall arts are plain and boring. My tip is to ditch the traditional wall art hanging and make some with texture. A framed fabric wall art is a great way to make your walls pop. Place different cuts of fabrics in a frame and you’re good to go.
  9. Ruffled Pillow- the procedure is similar to the dog bed, but you have to glue some ruffles in the big fabric to make a soft pillow.
  10. Book Sling- if you don’t have a space to place your books, a book sling is here to rescue. Choose a thicker fabric and place rods in the wall, place the fabric and secure the ends so the books won’t fall.

Tips on Getting More Instagram Followers

There are many social networks on the Internet these days and it seems that their number is only increasing as time passes. The more time that passes the more people are using the different social networks on the Internet and they use them for a whole variety of reasons. Many use the networks for simple entertainment by checking other peoples’ photos or their publications, including videos, texts, quotes, movies, and so on. Others use the networks for trying to make additional money per month in an easier and quicker way than other possible options for making an additional income. No matter if you use your social network profiles for entertainment or making more money, you certainly have heard about the different types of followers of your profiles on the social networks.

For example, Instagram followers are people who have their own profiles but are following your profile and therefore view your publications and can like or comment on your publications. The more Instagram followers you have, the more people can like and comment on your publications, which you can simply use as a way of advertising and ask people who want to advertise their brands on your profile to pay a certain amount of money. You can offer such type of services for people who want to advertise their brand and simply write a publication or post some picture or something similar on your profile. You can charge a different amount of money, depending on the number of Instagram followers you have, because after all the more followers you have, the higher amount of people will get interested in the brand that you are advertising.

Getting more Instagram followers in order to receive more feedback for your publications or use them as a way of earning some additional money is highly recommended. There are different ways how you can do that. One of the ways is to simply advertise your own profile in a similar way how you want to advertise other peoples’ brands on your profile. By doing so many Instagram users will find out about your profile and if you have interesting publications for them then they will most probably start following you. Another possible way of getting more Instagram followers is by advertising yourself on your own in different forums and blogs on themes that are associated with the publications that you most often make on your profile. This requires spending no money, but it will take up of your time and can be without any results if you are not doing it in the right way. You can also search for other advertising services for your profile, but you can also simply purchase Instagram followers from different providers of this type of services. There are many options if you want to increase the number of Instagram followers, which can be increasing on their own if you have regular publications that are really interesting and attracting to others in order to get real followers.

How to buy Perfume for your Partner

Every one of us typically becomes fussy when it comes to buying stuff for ourselves. We tend to spend long hours of selectively and patiently searching a bunch of options. Though, at the end of the day, we will only choose what we think will be the best for our preferences. However, one may be challenged when the particular stuff will be for someone so dear to us like our partner. Although one can find it easy to decide on simple personal things just by knowing their size or favorite color, one may have a hard time when they will be giving their partner a perfume. So, to give guys and gals to completely choose which one is really best for their partner, here are some of the tips for buying a perfume.

Keep in mind what he/she likes

In some instances, your partner may have something in mind that he/she actually prefer. While women usually do literally say what she likes most of the time, men usually do the other way around. Girls may not need to worry. One way to reveal what type of perfume he may be interested is to invite him to shop and try to move him to the perfume area for men. Men will surely look for something that he likes in the first place. Keep your eyes on him but don’t be obvious that you are watching what he is looking at.

Align it with your partner’s personality

If we are to pick a perfume for ourselves, one common thing that base it is with our personality. Same goes if we to choose a scent for our partner. It’s a big NO-NO if we purchase a perfume that too strong if our partner is just calm and simple. There’s no way he/she will like the perfume at all. Some of the fragrances you can choose from are floral, fruity, oriental, green, and wood. So, one should be very careful on which to pick because it can make or break the moment.


As much as we want to cut costs in buying a perfume, our partner’s choice of a signature perfume will not likely be a sign that you are going to save more. Just to be prepared, one may just go to a local store or searching to comprar colonias online for. If you think that one may be a good choice, better take note of its price right away. If you ever find something that is quite a little expensive than the other one but also offers the same elements, then you can definitely go for that one. But if you truly want to give your partner something that is really quite expensive, there’s nothing to ask anymore.

Consider the season and occasion

One of the pitfalls of buying a perfume is its timeliness. Most of us would definitely want a perfume that matches with the season or a particular occasion. For instance, on Valentine’s Day, if a girl expects you to give her a perfume, it must be something that generally speaks about love. On the other hand, the season is also another point to take into consideration. Scents like Yve Saint Laurent Eve is good for summer, Calvin Klein CK One is admired during spring, winter looks for something warm like Valentine V Absolu and autumn perfectly partners with L’Heure Blue.