Have Your Do-It-Yourself Photobooth Accessories in an Hour!

Are you interested in the idea of putting a photo booth or a photocall in your upcoming event? Well, if you really are interested, you better get some accesorios photocall (photocall accessories) to complete your photo booth.

But wait, if you still don’t know what accesorios photocall I am talking about, it refers to the props or accessories that you will use to strike a fun pose in a photo booth. But worry no more because we are now open to the idea of creating our own version of everything. In other words, DIY or Do It Yourself things can solve your problems without spending loads of money.

For instance, if you have a friend photographer that can cover all guests in a photo booth, you can create your DIY accesorios photocall. Whether you need it for a wedding, birthday parties, and any event, this will surely work. However, the duration of time for creating these photocall accessories depends on the number of accessories you want to make.

For a start, you can opt for stick props that only require some cut outs, glues, and sticks of course. You can print designs or draw your own design then cut it. Below are the following accessory supplies you will need:

  • Glue gun
  • Heavyweight cardstock (the colors depends on your chosen design and taste)
  • 75” lollipop sticks or other durable stick for the job
  • Cutter or scissors

Now that you already have the complete list of materials, it is time to choose a design you want to cut out. If you want to have different versions of pouty lips, big ring, crown, wacky glasses, mustache, and so much more, have it printed or drawn on your cardstocks. Choose the color you want for your stick lips then cut it out with a cutter or scissors.

After cutting your designs, use your glue gun to stick it in your lollipop stick. You can also use a painted barbecue stick if you’re on a tight budget. Just be sure to remove the pointed end to avoid accidents.

Once you are done with all the needed designs, you can try it out in front of a mirror. Strike a pose and plan what kind of background design is going to match with your photocall accessories.

If you are too busy to create your own designs, you can surf the internet for some ready-made cut outs. This will surely make your job easier and save you from the hassle of coming up with a design. However, if you prefer to create a more meaningful prop sticks, you can put some short messages in it. You can do it by designing in your computer and using different types of a heavy weight cardstock or paper then stick it with a lollipop stick.

Now, are you ready for your upcoming party? If you have more ideas, you can add it up with what I gave here or do some retouch. You would not only have fun on creating DIY photocall accessories but save money which is very smart of you.