Setting Up Your Business Profile on Instagram from Your Regular Instagram Account

Do you want to utilize your personal Instagram account into a certified business profile account? Then, you must lucky since one of the latest features on Instagram is specially made for businesses.

If you want to switch your personal account into a business account on Instagram, you can do it now. Just tap on the switch button on settings that said “switch to business profile”. Then, hit the button that said “view features link” know what can this feature do and offer for you after switching to a business profile.

Right after switching to your business profile, you can skim or flip through pages and screens. Those screens will show you how you will be proficient in using your new business profile and get more Instagram followers and:

  • Connect with your Facebook account
  • Add your phone number, your email, or your location. This will be helpful for your customers in reaching you directly by clicking those buttons on your profile.
  • Know something about your Instagram followers and see how your published contents are performing.
  • Create campaigns or promotions on Instagram that will help in boosting your business online.

Take note that if Facebook can limit the visibility of business pages on new feeds, this can be possibly applied to Instagram algorithm too. Thus, it is recommended to businesses like yours to switch into a business profile on Instagram to ensure a high rate of visibility and engagement rate. Besides, there are more things that you can do to promote your business if you will be switching to a business profile.

Once you are ready to complete the switching processes, jut hit the blue button “Next” to continue then connect your business profile to your business page on Facebook. Now, you can pull your business contact information from your Facebook page or remove it on your Instagram profile. Then, you will be transferred back to your new business profile on Instagram and be welcomed to explore its features.

Explore your new profile and see the difference between your old account and the enhanced business account. At first glance, the contact and follow button will be featured in your profile as your audience visit it. Your current profession and business links will be visible in your bio that can direct your customers to your other business pages.

You can decide if you will share your phone number or to your customers. If yes, you can decide on how they can contact you by means of a “call” or a “text”. But if you don’t want to share your phone number, welcome your customers’ questions and suggestions to your email. Now, get Instagram followers and convert them into regular customers.