Importance of Summer Activities for your Kids

Summertime is a great season to have fun, relax and enjoy, though summer vacation means the school time has already ended it doesn’t mean that our kids stop learning too. Most kids’ loves summertime because it is equivalent to a break from school, but breaking from school doesn’t necessarily mean that their learning should stop as well. Summer time should not turn kids into lazy zombies who become brain dead by hanging out, sleeping a lot, or maybe worse, playing mischief. Kids should find fun and pleasure not only by going to the arcade, beach, hanging out with friends and other fun summer outdoor activities, but also learning new things. They should also strive to retain what they learned in school. Your kids can learn and have fun at the same time this summer without having to spend a lot of money. Here are some ideas for activities that your children can do to prevent him or her from summer learning loss and make them ready for the incoming school year.

  • Teach and let them learn sports during summer. It’s true that whatever good for the body is good for the brain. A physical exertion of sports not only strengthens the physical ability of your kid’s body but can also give positive effects to their brain. In addition to its benefits, sports can contribute important skills in your child mental health such as self-confidence, strategic thinking, and teamwork.
  • Do some Crafts. Teaching your daughter doing crafts such as creating some string beads and turn it into jewelry can teach your child on how to be creative on her own way. There are wide varieties of beads that she can choose from, like the hama beads accessories which are known to have all the varieties of colors and bead types specially designed for those kids who loves crafts. And by doing this fun and playful activity, they can able to share their knowledge of creativity to their friends and playmates too.
  • You can also teach them how to bake and cook. For most moms, baking and cooking are a very important useful life skill. And aside from the great benefits of your kids in learning to prepare food which could be important and required for their future independence, they can also learn the practical uses of math through cooking, specifically the fractions, time, and measurements.
  • Teach them how to take care and plant some greens in your family garden. As we can see, gardening is a great way for your child to learn biology. It makes them understand how living things such as vegetables, flowers, root crops and other types of plants grows, and also what are the necessaries for them in able to sustain life. Most important thing is that through gardening, kids are learning to love nature.
  • They can learn to play a musical instrument. Some studies show that music has many benefits on your kid’s brain and summer is the best time to begin teaching them to play a musical instrument. This is the best time to do this activity only because they can find time to practice every day, which is important for him or her to keep improving.