Why to Test Email Addresses Listed in Your Business

Email addresses these days are the main method used for sending information to customers or potential customers of the companies. The majority of companies have their own web pages and therefore email addresses that are used in order to send out newsletters, offers, brochures of the company and so on to all of the email addresses listed in the companies’ web pages. These email address lists are created by the signing up of different people on the web pages of these companies and therefore it is very important to make sure that there is a valid tool that can be used to test email address of each person who signs up.

There is an estimate that up to 25% of the email addresses that are being registered on these web pages are not real or there is a mistake made during typing when there is no proper validation. This means that a large number of the emails that you company sends out to customers are not going to be received and they will be returning mails. This costs thousands of dollars as additional expanses to every company that experiences it annually. Apart from the additional expanses that need to be paid, companies also lose 25% of the potential customers that they could have been able to attract using these email addresses. Therefore, it is not only a loss of money and time, but also of customers, which makes it even more necessary to use a great test email address tool for your company’s web page. Most of the company owners use professionals with the right skills to create the web page of the company, as well as implement all of the modules, including the test email address tool. Therefore, every problem occurring afterwards needs to be managed by these professionals.

However, there are also some service providers that offer to test email address lists for a certain fee. Many of these service providers are very skilled and quick in managing large lists of email addresses. Most of them have no restrictions to the number of email addresses that need to be checked. There are also many features that they offer in addition to the actual task of taking out the bounce email addresses from the list and leaving only the authentic ones. Searching for such service providers is also a great alternative which is highly recommended to all company owners in order to save up all of these expanses each year and to attract even more customers by having only real email addresses in their lists. There is no need of any additional work done in order to manage all of the returning mails from the bounce email addresses. Most of these services come at very affordable prices with high percentage guarantees of the quality of the cleaned email address lists, which is why many company owners choose this option for making sure that all of the email addresses are valid.