8 Basic Newborn Necessities for Baby’s First Six Weeks

Babies do not really need a whole lot of gear during their first few weeks at home. Despite the temptation to purchase all the wonderfully cute baby clothes and gadgets which are easily available at Walking Mum Pasito a Pasito and other baby clothes and supplies stores online, all you and your baby needs is the basic Newborn Necessities.

Infant Clothing

Newborn babies do not exactly require a wide variety of wardrobe, although there are essentials that any parent needs to have handy when the baby comes home. It is recommended to purchase a couple of side-snap or side-tie T-shirts for the baby wear until their umbilical cord heals up. Afterwards, you are able to clothe them with onesies. This cute, hassle-free infant clothing is comparable to a farmer’s overalls for your baby: Easy to wear, functional, and absolutely wonderful.


Sleepers, as the name suggests, are ideal for the baby’s bedtime, but are also excellent and versatile traveling clothes. Though it is important to note that babies outgrow these very quickly so it is best not be tempted to purchase all the cute ones you see.

Baby Bath Tub

Bathing your infant daily is one of your parental duties, so having a small baby bath to place in the tub or sink will surely help make this task easier, and fun as well! But be sure to hold the baby securely while in the tub. And only use the specially formulated baby shampoos and baby wash to clean your baby, as they are far gentler on their skin compared to regular soaps.

Cloth or Disposable Diapers

You should have at least two packages of disposable diapers or an ample supply cloth diapers that could last for, at the very least, two days on hand, at all times. And ensure that the variant you purchase is the right size, too. This is to avoid leakage and unwanted messes.

Disposable Wipes

Disposable wipes are very handy during changing the baby’s diapers as well as for various messes that could happen away from home. Always keep a pack handy near your diaper changing area and a travel pack within the diaper bag.

Grooming Gear

Keeping the baby’s nails short and neat will prevent the baby from scratching themselves and you as well. Use blunt clippers which are made especially for baby’s soft nails. And have a bottle of baby lotion to rub on their skin after every bath to keep them moist. Ensure that the lotion you choose is formulated for babies. Now if your child is prone to develop eczema or skin rashes, try using baby oils made with calendula. If your newborn baby already has hair, having a fine-toothed baby hair comb is essential so that you area able to style their hair after bathing.

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a parental essential especially for trips and excursions with your newborn. Choose a style with compartments that will allow finding necessities efficiently. And look for diaper bags which include a foldable changing pad, since you are unable to control your surroundings as well as when the baby needs a diaper change.


Going out with your baby is one of the many simple joys of parenthood. There are many various styles available which are why shopping ahead of time as well as “test-driving” as many types as you possibly can to find what fits your needs best is very much recommended.